I cannot stress enough how poor this is. Watch literally any other isekai because you'll enjoy it more than this. I'll list a few isekai to watch instead
The rising of the shield hero
Saga of Tanya the evil
How not to summon a demon lord
In another world with my smart phone (somehow better than this steaming pile of garbage)
Kuma kuma bear
I think you get the point. Any other anime would be better. You can't even drive watch this. I figure since you're here you either like harems or isekai. Since I've listed some good isekai here's some "good" harems as well
Trinity 7
*highschool DxD is better*
In another world with my smartphone (AGAIN THIS IS BETTER)
Just look up a top 10 harem anime. Watchmojo wouldn't recommend this even if they got offered 10million dollars because it's so low quality.
How not to summon a demon lord
Asterisk war
Or any of the other countless harems that, whilst not good aren't *insulting to anime in gnereal*

Review Summary

Literally the worst isekai of the year. Maybe the decade. I have genuine contempt for this show. Don’t watch it, it’s a waste.

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