[Put it "on-hold" at episode 8 titled "Boredom" in where I felt really bored and uninterested]

Jujutsu Kaisen:
An over-hyped, typical shounen show that's trying to be straight into the action by relatively being shorter!

Jujutsu kaisen is an enjoyable anime for most people. You can just put it on and appreciate the fights and typical shounen traits. You can also watch it and feel a connection with the characters and themes since they're so relatable and realistic. In this aspect, JJK hits really similarly to AOT by blending great action with good themes and characters into a seinen/shounen hybrid which appeals to a wide audience. Just less of the mind-blowing plot twists and moral ambiguity.

I'm someone who values the plot the most, and finds more enjoyment in reasonably fast-paced shows, and I have always had problem with the shounen genre in general, mainly because they don't give a damn about logic and are usually very slow-paced, too long, too repetitive with no effective progress in the story.
So I got excited and optimistic when I saw that Jujutsu Kaisen is gonna be only 24 episodes, and hence fast paced. So in theory, I should be enjoying how the show is going right now, right? Well, FALSE!!! Turns out that the fast pacing in Jujutsu Kaisen just made things worse! New characters emerge out of nowhere without any proper introduction, you're just supposed to get familiar with whatever new character the author throws at you; even worse, you're supposed to believe that characters had developed bonds and emotions towards each other from the second they met without the need for you to see that's actually happening in the series!! Now, when that happens, you naturally cannot like any character because of the extreme lack of human interaction between them; Obviously, characters were introduced for the sole sake of action or comedy.
Speaking of comedy, the show tries too hard to be funny all the time, but to me it doesn't fit the atmosphere and just gets annoying most of the time.
And speaking of tries, the show also attempts to capture viewers' attention by copycatting already consumed thrilling cliffhangers, but turns out pretty cheap and mindlessly executed as if it's assuming the audience would never predict what would happen next... But maybe I should wait and see how any plot twist might ever bring off and put an end to the so far: lame, predictable, only visual action-based, random events telling Story? Hmmm No.. I don't think it will bring anything new to the table, unfortunately.
So my final word for anyone willing to watch Jujutsu Kaisen, if you're someone who gets hooked up by seeing the good guys beating the bad guys in a badass superb animation, then go for it, you'll enjoy the show; but if you're someone who's coming to see a meaningful or at least a well-told unique story then stay away from it, because the story in a nutshell is simply what you've read in the synopsis plus the typical overused cliches, that's it all, nothing more than visual action scenes and some bad jokes along the way.

My rating breakdown:
Story: 3
Art: 8
Sound: 4
Character: 5
Enjoyment: 6

Overall and Conclusion: Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely not the best show but it definitely has a lot of promise and potential to show. This show right here, could definitely have had a much better starting season, if the plot execution could have been on a higher level than what it is. It could have been a great start to an amazing new generation shounen but it just lacked a lot at times, which if fixed could prove to be a whole new amazing show. I personally do feel that the upcoming seasons could be much better, and if so, I shall be one to stick.

Review Summary

If you are wanting to try out a shonen anime this is as good as it gets. MAPPA presents it in a highly realistic and enjoyable.

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