10 out of 10! This show does not only givee you action based anime that you enjoy. This anime educates you on the body, and the consquences of of your decisions to your body. It tells you, without actually telling you, that you have to take care of your body. It has relatable scenes, and will make you emotional. The art style relaly suits the enviorment, it gives you an eerie vibe, very crucial to the plot of the series. The charcaters are so well made, it amkes you attached tot hem and make you relate to them in certain scenes. The sound effects are never abonded as well, each and every movement, teh sound effects are on point. The way the voice acotrs perfectly display the emotion of the chacter,is an admirable thing. This is a must reccomend show for anime watchers in an intermidiate level.

Review Summary

Educational, and thrilling.

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