4 : The Taste of Ochazuke

24 views — April 26, 2021, 9:23 p.m.
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Himeno accidentally broke her dad`s favorite rice bowl.
She decides that she "will make a perfect bowl for dad!" and begins her work.
With the help of Touko and the others she manages to complete her project, but for some reason Himeno doesn`t look so happy...


The city of Tajimi, located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is famous for Mino earthenware. The city is dotted with historical pottery producers and ceramic art museums. It has facilities where you can try your hand at making pottery, and many restaurants that serve food on Minoware dishes. The story begins when a high school girl moves to a shopping street in Tajimi. Many encounters await her, friends, town folk, ceramic art, etc. What will she discover in a town famous for ceramic? (Source: Official Manga Website)

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